We are now offering professional development for teachers to support their understanding of Arakwal Bundjalung history and it’s beautiful, rich culture. This training is delivered by Arakwal woman, Delta Kay and takes place on Country at either Cape Byron, Broken Head or Bangalow Parklands.


info@explorebyronbay.com / 0467277669

Duration: 1.5hours
Cost: $70 p/p (min $350)
Level: All levels (Graduate Teacher to Lead Teacher)
NESA Standards: 2.4.1, 2.4.2, 2.4.3 & 2.4.4 (Know the content and how to teach it)


Aboriginal education is an important cross-curriculum priority area for schools (ACARA) and teachers play a significant role in facilitating this learning within their classrooms. Thus, it is important that educators who teach within Arakwal Country are well-informed about Arakwal history and culture.

Our professional development supports teachers to:

  • recognise where Arakwal Country is located within the greater Bundjalung Nation
  • identify significant places within Arakwal Country
  • understand the connections Arakwal people have to their Country, including how Arakwal people care for the land and why Arakwal totems and traditional stories are important.
  • know some Arakwal history, including traditional ways of living, the devastating impact of European invasion and how Arakwal elders negotiated their Native Title
  • speak and use some Bundjalung language within their classroom
  • recognise native bush tucker plants and plants used for natural medicine
  • implement Arakwal content and perspectives in teaching and learning programs
  • meet NESA professional teaching standards