Reforest Now


ReForest Now works with partners to restore what was once Australia’s largest expanse of subtropical rainforest. By 1900, only 1% of this unique ecosystem remained due to clearing by European settlers – see image below.

Although fragmented and small today, it is home to bountiful biodiversity with an incredible array of species that grew from the rich volcanic soils of Mount Wollumbin (Mt Warning).

What we do :

  • Grow and prioritise vulnerable and endangered species in our Mullumbimby nursery

  • Plant trees to restore the rainforest – creating and connecting habitat for native and threatened species, improving local hydrology and sequestering carbon to fight climate change

  • Maintain attention to genetic diversity and ecological awareness at all of our planting sites (we have a diverse team of 15 people with relevant knowledge and skills, including 4 ecologists)

  • Achieve high survival rates (avg. 95%) through planting techniques that ensure optimal hydration and nutrient absorption in the early stages of plant growth. Our trees are maintained and protected by agreements made with landholders.

  • Publicly list all tree donations – offering complete transparency and thanking partners for their contributions. We also provide reports for larger donations.

We focus on providing a not-for-profit service of tree planting on your behalf while ensuring detailed and accurate records are provided once trees are in the ground.

We like our partners to have everything they need to be able to demonstrate to their clientele exactly what environmental outcomes are being achieved.

One rainforest tree is planted for every $5.00 AUD donated. These are one of ~150 species grown in our nursery.

The cost includes everything from seed collection, growing, planting, maintenance and reporting (all at not-for-profit rates).

Partnership structures can be in any form that suits you. Some examples of these are;

  • One tree (or more) planted for every product sold/customer

  • $X towards tree planting for every product sold/customer

  • A number of trees given every month

  • A percentage of sales given each month

  • Initiating a tree planting campaign for a length of time

Every tree contributes in restoring a critically endangered ecosystem and supports threatened species that once thrived in this region (including the koala, platypus and Richmond birdwing butterfly). Your trees will also sequester carbon for years to come, taking immediate action and mitigating the impacts of climate change. We very conservatively estimate that ~6 trees can offset 1 tonne of C02e (carbon dioxide equivalent). Noting that subtropical rainforest has a huge carbon storage capacity with multiple, dense vegetation layers.

Established in 2018, ReForest Now has planted 105,227 trees to date.

You can find out more about us on our website, Facebook or Instagram.

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